Mail Enhancer Pro is hosted by BigBoss and available in the Cydia Store for just $4.99.

Trial Version

If you're not sure, if Mail Enhancer Pro is right for you or you want to test it's compatibility with your device or other tweaks installed, do the following:
Go to

Cydia > Manage > Sources > edit

and add


Afterwards, go to your Sources, navigate to the "stm" source and install the trial version.


Mail Enhancer Pro is compatible to all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod touch) including the following models:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod touch 5th Generation

System requirements: iOS 7.0 and above (for iOS 5 / iOS 6, please see the Changelog note)
Features may vary for different firmware versions.


Bored by the default Mail application on your iOS device? Missing features?
Then you should try Mail Enhancer Pro for the following reasons:

Multiple Signatures


The default application has very limited capabilities. Esspecially, when it comes to signatures. Actually, you can only set up one signature for all accounts. This is not very satisfying for those people who need to add different signatures to their personal and business mails.

Mail Enhancer Pro solves this situation. Using it, you can assign a signature to every emailaddress. You can even have different signatures for composing, replying and forwarding. If you decide to change the sending address while already composing a message, the signature will change accordingly.

When using the default signature, you can only enter text. With Mail Enhancer Pro it is possible, to create a HTML signature. So you can use links, images, lists, and (nearly) every other HTML elements.

Composing HTML emails

HTML Mails

Sometimes you're in a situation where you want to use HTML code while composing an email. Now you can.

For example, you can use basic elements like lists (<ul><li>bullet</li></ul>), paragraphs (<p>text</p>), grouping elements (<div>content</div>), tables (<table></table>) and others, or you just use styling elements like links (<a href="http://thebigboss.org">BigBoss</a>) or images (<img src="...">) for example.

Of course, you can use text formatting, too: Bold (<b></b>), underlined (<u></u>) or italic (<i></i>). For a full list of available HTML-Tags, please view this page.

In addition to the HTML tags, you can style those elements by using inline CSS styles, too. A quick guide on how to use CSS can be found here

Mail Enhancer Pro will either auto-convert the HTML code you used or present you with an option to preview it on sending.



Missing the ability to automatically mark messages as read? Or move them to another mailbox? Here are new options for you:

Available conditions:

  • Account That Received Mail
  • Any Recipients Mail Address
  • Sender Name
  • Sender Mail Address
  • Mail Subject
  • Mail Body
  • Addressbook
  • Reply Status (*)
  • Forward Status (*)

* Reply and Forward Statuses use on-device Information and do not sync between devices

Available actions:

  • Notification using a Notification Scheme (see below)
  • Move to Mailbox
  • Mark (un)read
  • Mark (un)flagged
  • Delete
  • Colorize message (see below)
  • Ignore following rules

There are "match all" and "case sensitive" options available and Rules can be combined, too. All Rules will be matched in the order, they are displayed in Settings. Make sure to have the correct order set up there, in case one rule depends on another.

Custom Notifications


The default default mail notifications are somewhat disappointing. So I decided to add a "few" more options. Any Notification Scheme can assigned to any incoming mail using Rules (see above):

  • Custom sound
  • Custom volume
    (Ringtone, iPod or your own value)
  • Adding vibration alerts
  • Adding speech
  • Customized Alerts / Popups for Notification Center
    (= Option to suppress Alerts for certain mails)

To distinguish between important and unimportant accounts, Mail Enhancer Pro gives you the option to assign each account to a Notification Scheme.
Those schemes have separate notifications and thus can have different sounds and vibration.


When enabled, speech will use the senders name from your addressbook. The notification for unknown contacts can be disabled using rules.
When you're not using the addressbook option, the MIME name or emailaddress will be used for notifications.

The notification text that is used for speech can be customized to conform to your current locale settings.

Sound and Speech can be enabled for silent mode or while in a phone call or to be enabled only, when a headset is in use.

Any active notification can be dismissed by using the volume buttons. Notifications that were in queue when volume buttons are pressed will be silently added to Notification Center.

Notifications can be enabled for every single mail that matches your rules, or a summary notification can be triggered, that will play only one sound and announce your incoming messages only once while showing all Notification Center alerts. This setting can - among other - be found in the 'Notification Options' section.

Account Highlighting

The default view can be enhanced with a colored bar next to each email in your inboxes. This way, you can easyly distinguish, which account contains the message in question.


Message Filter

Message Filter

To save you from having to scroll all the way to a flagged or unread message, a message filter control can be enabled, giving you a one tap solution to show only those (unread or flagged) emails.

The filter bar can be selected to always be visible or hidden until you need it. In the latter case, a single tap on the title of your inbox reveales the filter bar, another tap hides it again.

Of course, Message Filter can be combined with the "Select / Deselect All" feature and is smoothly integrating into the default search method.

Individual Message Highlighting

Mail Highlighting

In addition to Account Highlighting, you can set up rules and assign a color to every message that matches these rules. For example, you could mark all messages that you've already replied to.

You have the choice between a plain color without borders and a glossy color (= shadow effect) that has a thin border around it.

You can enable or disable colors quickly within the main Settings pane under the Rules section.

Tip: Using a rule that matches all mails (e.g. "'Sender Mail Address' contains '@'"), you could "theme" your inbox view with colors ;)

Note: Because of system performance limitations, colorization can't rely on a mails body content. I'm trying to figure out a way around this.

Select / Deselect all mails

Select All

Select all messages with one single tap. Just that simple.

Quick Actions

Quick Actions

Note: Quick Actions have been removed temporarily (see the Changelog note).

Optimize your workflow by using Quick Actions.

You will be able to select actions (mark (un)read / (un)flagged, move the message, show delete dialog) that can be triggered by a swipe or touch gesture on each message in your mailbox.

I've added a neat animation to it, so it looks good and you always know, when you mark a message, avoiding unwanted changes by accident.

Usability Additions

Usability Additions

To tweak the Mobile Mail usability even more, you can change the default behavior for deleting or viewing a message.

By default, Mobile Mail will mark a mail as read, as soon as you view it. This often comes with unwanted side effects like sending a read receipt and having to mark the message unread when you just wanted to take a quick look at it but answer it later.
You can now select Mail not to mark emails as read when you open them. In conjunction with the Quick Actions feature, you will get more control over your inbox.

Also, when you are reading an email and decide to delete it, you will find yourself reading the next email. But what if you'd rather be looking at the mailbox overview instead? Well, the solution is here now: Just disable the "Delete Opens Next" option in the Usability Additions section and you will get back to to the mailbox instead of the next email view.


For feature requests or bug reports, please send me an email using the support button:

Settings > Mail Enhancer Pro > About > Support

Please note, that - although I notice and read all messages - I can't answer every single one of them.

Version 3.0.203/18/2014

  • Added:
  • Finnish translation
  • More iOS Soundfiles for notifications
  • Fixed:
  • Notifications muting iPod volume and hiding volume HUD
  • Double mail notifications when Mail Enhancer Notifications were disabled
  • Notification Language not selectable in settings
  • Color selection being off-screen
  • Translation in Mail Enhancer Settings Backup not showing

Version 3.0.102/26/2014

  • Fixed:
  • Speech Notifications not working
  • iOS Signatures not working when Mail Enhancer Signatures were disabled
  • Message Filter problems when "Organize by Thread" is turned on in Mail settings

Version 3.002/25/2014

  • iOS Compatibility Note:
  • Added iOS 7.x Support.
  • Compatibility for older firmware versions has been removed due to the fact that most devices are on iOS 7.x and to optimize the source code and performance.
  • If you are using a previous version of Mail Enhancer, you can continue using it.
    You will find a separate product detail page for Mail Enhancer on iOS 5 / iOS 6.
  • Note:
  • Quick Actions have been removed.

Version 2.104/14/2013

  • Added:
  • New Quick Action "Tap & Hold a message"
  • Rule Actions to Remove Color or Notifications
  • Usability Feature to prevent messages from being marked as read automatically when opening a message
  • Usability Feature to return to the mailbox list when a message is deleted
  • Fixed:
  • Notification Handling when Mail Enhancer or it's rules are disabled
  • Updated:
  • French and German translation

Version 2.0.203/20/2013

  • Added:
  • Options for Notification Vibration, Sound and Speech to respect the iOS DND (Do Not Disturb) state
  • Options for Quiet Hours to suppress Vibration, Popups, Sound and / or Speech
  • Made iOS Ringtones and more UI Sounds selectable for Mail Notifications
  • Restore to Default Settings button in Settings Backup
  • Optimized:
  • Performance & execution time when there is no rule with a 'Body' condition present
  • Fixed:
  • Notification option to turn off Popups / Banners for a Notification Scheme
  • Notification vibration settings not saving correctly
  • Mails not appearing in target mailbox when using 'move' action sometimes
  • Addressbook condition not saving the correct group name
  • Possible crash when a mails From- or CC-address was undefined
  • False 'trial expired' message for devices that bought Mail Enhancer after their trial period (Sorry about that!)

Version 2.0.103/14/2013

  • iOS Compatibility Note:
  • Added iOS 6.x Support.
  • Compatibility for older firmware versions has been removed due to the fact that most devices are on iOS 6.x and to optimize the source code and performance.
  • If you are using a previous version of Mail Enhancer, you can continue using it.
    You will find a separate product detail page for Mail Enhancer on iOS 5.
  • Added:
  • Dropbox Settings-Backup & Restore
  • Option to let rules "watch for changes" of your mails.
    So, for example, a Rule Action could be triggered, if you mark a message read.
  • Fixed:
  • Addressbook Rule Condition
  • Swipe action "move message" not showing a cancel button on iPad
  • Changed:
  • Rules can now trigger for incoming messages that are unread
    (i.e. if you read them on your Mac before)
  • Rule Colorize now supports Body-Conditions

Version 1.206/16/2012

  • Added:
  • Option to enable Notification Summary:
    Only 1 Sound and 1 Speech notification, multiple Popups
  • New Rule Action: Mail Highlighting for individual messages (very cool!)
  • New Rule Action: Ignore following rules
  • New Rule Condition: Mail is replied to
  • New Rule Condition: Mail has been forwarded
  • Language support for Spanish
  • Language support for Japanese
    Removed due to possible copyright infringement
  • Indicator whether a rule is enabled or not (in Rules Overview)
  • Fixed:
  • Some AppStore apps crashing on startup
  • Crash when a mail account is deleted
  • Changed:
  • "Get Started" has been updated
  • Sounds are now ordered alphabetically for selection

Version 1.104/01/2012

  • Added:
  • Quiet Hours per Notification Scheme
  • Quick Action: Move Message
  • Language support for Chinese
  • Order numbers for Rules
  • Fixed:
  • To: field not focused on mail compose / forward
  • Message Filter glitches
  • Crash when an incoming mail was not yet fully downloaded to the device
  • Preferences crashing when returning from background

Version 1.0.103/22/2012

  • Added:
  • Language support for Dutch
  • Fixed:
  • Mail body field not focused on reply
  • Notification bugs
  • Message Filter showing a black bar
  • <img> tag not recognized for HTML conversion sometimes

Version 1.003/20/2012

  • Initial Release with Key-Features:
  • Multiple Signatures
  • HTML Signatures
  • HTML Mail-Composing
  • Rules
  • Notification Schemes (unlimited)
  • Account Highlighting
  • Message Filter
  • Swipe Actions (read / flagged)
  • Select / Deselect All
  • Note:
  • Quiet Hours have been removed temporarily.
    Quiet Hours have been re-added in version 1.1 (04/01/2012).